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Marketing and Advertising

Progressive Auctions / Oak Realty professionals in-house staff can design and implement a total marketing and advertising campaign for your auction. We incorporate an advanced database and targeted marketing efforts to focus on using the best sources of advertising to attract buyers. This targeted effort optimizes results while controlling the overall marketing budget. Impact advertising ensures that a maximum number of qualified potential buyers are present and motivated, resulting in the highest possible selling price for your assets.

The Auction Method of Marketing

The past two decades have demonstrated the increasing value of converting real estate and personal property into cash assets by the auction method of marketing. The auction method serves as a more timely, efficient, cost-effective approach to the sale of property and is rapidly gaining acceptance as a primary method of marketing. The immediacy of auctions, and the explosive advertising attracts buyers, creates excitement and motivates action. With the auction method of marketing, private sellers as well as government and financial institutions can pick a date, time, and place to market their inventory of both real estate and personal property. Bringing qualified buyers together in a competitive situation ensures that you will receive fair market value on that day.

Our services do not end on auction day! A complete, thorough follow-up and a comprehensive post-auction report gives you a detailed analysis of the auction from initial consultation to the final closing of all transactions.

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  • Maximum exposure
  • Sell in less than 90 days
  • Eliminate cost of carrying property
  • Get a fair market price
  • Have control of sales process

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